Cons from Removing Unwanted Hair & The Solutions We Want

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Removing hair from the human body is a process that has been taking place since ancient times. There are many ways to remove unwanted body hair. The most common are waxing, shaving, threading, and/or using a hair depilatory. 

Waxing is the most favored method, due to the speed, and it causes hair to grow back slower than other methods. There are some negative effects that come from waxing, here are some of the ways you can prevent them.

What happens to skin when waxing?

When you wax your hair, you are literally ripping the hairs out, roots and all. This process is usually pretty painful because the hair's root is somewhat connected to the skin, so ripping it out can leave a small wound. The only way to prevent this is to completely stop waxing altogether. 

Because waxing can be so intense for your pores & skin, there is a risk of being exposed to an infection. Especially if you are waxing the bikini area. Because you are pulling the hairs out by their roots, you are leaving your pores exposed. Infection can be caused by bacteria getting into your pores.


To prevent this, it is best to use an antiseptic solution or moisturizer. Products that have an antiseptic property will kill the bacteria that cause infection.

Pesky Ingrown Hairs:

Another issue that can be caused by waxing, are those tiny (but not so tiny feeling) pesky Ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs occur after a hair removal process. The hair eventually grows back, but the follicle is not as strong as it once way, therefore making it ascent to the top of your skin a tad difficult. Thus, the hair grows the wrong way, causing the irritation you feel from an ingrown hair. The good news is, ingrown hair can be prevented by using products that help prevent them from happening, such as an Ingrown Hair Solution. Typically this product would be applied before and after waxing/shaving. Exfoliating is also another process that helps with ingrown hairs, loosening and opening up the pores so that the hair can make it's way back to the surface.


Sometimes getting waxed can cause the skin to be irritated in general. Irritation can be defined as redness, swelling, burning or itching. Using a Moisturizer or Brightening serum after waxing can really help with irritation, especially since the dryer your skin is the more likely it will become irritated.

So we have heard that waxing can eventually lead to less hair growth and thinner hair, how does that work? This is definitely a long-term effect, that can take place after many years of waxing, but it's one thing most people love about waxing. Sure, you are to experience some of these side effects at one point, but being proactive & pairing the right products with waxing can help alleviate unwanted side effects.

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